Day 3: Santa and the Rakupod Wranglers

Santa’s world was increasingly going high-tech, and his IT department was polishing off its new process that could take the millions of letters received from boys and girls around the world, scan them into digital form with state-of-the-art optical character recognition hardware, and produce outputs that could greatly streamline the Santa Corporation’s production for ChristmasContinue reading “Day 3: Santa and the Rakupod Wranglers”

Day 14 – Santa Claus is Rakuing Along

Santa just heard that Rakoons using best practices are being urged to start putting their modules into the Raku-only module repository called Zef. He wanted to do that soon, since his philosophy is to be a good example of always trying to do the right thing, and helping guide his IT department in the direction of Zef is certainly the right thing to do according to the experts on IRC #raku.

Day 5 – Santa Claus is Rakuing Along

Santa’s operations were much improved year-over-year since his IT crew adopted Raku as their go-to programming language (see the articles from Raku Advent 2020). In addition, he and his non-techie elves found the language so easy for beginners to use, he decided to see if he could use it for managing the many task reports and other documents needed by individuals as well as managers.

Day 11: Santa Claus TWEAKs with a Class

Prologue Santa [1][2] was browsing the eTrade magazines on his iPad one morning and came across an article referenced in the latest O’Reilly Programming Newsletter about how ancient COBOL is the programming language still used for the bulk of the world’s business software. He had been aware of that since his huge operations with millionsContinue reading “Day 11: Santa Claus TWEAKs with a Class”

Day 23 – A Raku Advent Helper

Introduction I have been writing Raku Advent articles annually since 2016, and it’s always been a struggle for me to get a reliable transformation of my source file into the Raku Advent WordPress (WP) website without something getting changed by WP. Then, the menus are terrible and editing can be troublesome. In this article IContinue reading “Day 23 – A Raku Advent Helper”

Day 20 – Raku from Perl: Transforming Old Perl Code (Part 2)

Spoiler Alert! When I started this two-part post, I was blissfully unaware of a similar topic in the Raku community; however, I was awakened to that fact when I first read Elizabeth Mattijsen’s Raku Weekly Blog on Monday, 9 Dec, and saw that the famous Perl and Raku expert, Jeff Goff, had written a multi-partContinue reading “Day 20 – Raku from Perl: Transforming Old Perl Code (Part 2)”

Day 1 – Raku from Perl: Transforming Old Perl Code

Introduction I have been using Raku (Perl 6’s new name) since mid-2015 and really appreciate its nice features for programmers who may be lazy, non-touch typists, amateurs, old Perl lovers, non-parallel users, or wannabe hackers including: kebab-case names brace-less control statements easy class construction lexical block variables copious built-in routines use unicode natively powerful, easy-to-useContinue reading “Day 1 – Raku from Perl: Transforming Old Perl Code”