Day 20 – Create beautiful text charts

Santa got his weekly gift-wrapping report from the Gift Wrapping department. It contained lots of numbers Every number corresponded to the gifts wrapped by every elf in the department in alphabetical order, starting with Alabaster Snowball, and continuing with Bushy Evergreen. But numbers don’t sing, and that made Santa not sing either. A simple wayContinue reading “Day 20 – Create beautiful text charts”

Day 5 – Santa Claus is Rakuing Along

Santa’s operations were much improved year-over-year since his IT crew adopted Raku as their go-to programming language (see the articles from Raku Advent 2020). In addition, he and his non-techie elves found the language so easy for beginners to use, he decided to see if he could use it for managing the many task reports and other documents needed by individuals as well as managers.