Day 2: Perl is dead. Long live Perl and Raku.

‘Perl is dead’, is a meme that’s just plain wrong. Perl isn’t dead. It’s just dead to some programmers. Complicated regexes? Sigils? There’s more than one way to do it (TMTOWTDI)? Sometimes when programmers encounter Perl in the wild they react with fear. “WTF!?”, they cry! But fear needn’t be a Perl killer. If youContinue reading “Day 2: Perl is dead. Long live Perl and Raku.”

RFC 190, by Damian Conway: NEXT pseudoclass for method redispatch

In his series of object orientation RFC’s Perl/Raku luminary Damian Conway includes a proposal for method redispatch, RFC 190, which is the subject of today’s article. On method dispatch Perl has a pseudoclass named SUPER which an object can use to invoke a method of its parent class that it has overridden. It looks approximatelyContinue reading “RFC 190, by Damian Conway: NEXT pseudoclass for method redispatch”

Day 20 – Raku from Perl: Transforming Old Perl Code (Part 2)

Spoiler Alert! When I started this two-part post, I was blissfully unaware of a similar topic in the Raku community; however, I was awakened to that fact when I first read Elizabeth Mattijsen’s Raku Weekly Blog on Monday, 9 Dec, and saw that the famous Perl and Raku expert, Jeff Goff, had written a multi-partContinue reading “Day 20 – Raku from Perl: Transforming Old Perl Code (Part 2)”

Day 10 – A Teaser

Santa has a special treat: a teaser if you will. A part of a chapter from the upcoming book “Migrating Perl to Raku”, to be published January 2020. Optimization Considerations If you are an experienced Perl programmer, you have (perhaps inadvertently) learned a few tricks to make execution of your Perl program faster. Some ofContinue reading “Day 10 – A Teaser”

Day 6 – Put some (GitHub) Actions in your Raku (repositories)

After being in beta for quite some time, GitHub actions were finally introduced to the general public in November 2019. They have very soon become ubiquitous, over all combined with the other release that were recently made by GitHub, the package (and container) registry. We can put them to good use with our Raku modules.Continue reading “Day 6 – Put some (GitHub) Actions in your Raku (repositories)”

Day 1 – Raku from Perl: Transforming Old Perl Code

Introduction I have been using Raku (Perl 6’s new name) since mid-2015 and really appreciate its nice features for programmers who may be lazy, non-touch typists, amateurs, old Perl lovers, non-parallel users, or wannabe hackers including: kebab-case names brace-less control statements easy class construction lexical block variables copious built-in routines use unicode natively powerful, easy-to-useContinue reading “Day 1 – Raku from Perl: Transforming Old Perl Code”