Day 4: Give the gift of time

Lately, Santa was getting lots of letters that went a bit like this Dear Santa: I’ve been mostly good, with 98% coverage this year, so what I want for Christmas is… time. You know, I have great Rakulang GitHub Actions for stuff, but when I need to install some external package and also many distributions,Continue reading “Day 4: Give the gift of time”

Day 3: Santa and the Rakupod Wranglers

Santa’s world was increasingly going high-tech, and his IT department was polishing off its new process that could take the millions of letters received from boys and girls around the world, scan them into digital form with state-of-the-art optical character recognition hardware, and produce outputs that could greatly streamline the Santa Corporation’s production for ChristmasContinue reading “Day 3: Santa and the Rakupod Wranglers”

Day 2: Less Variable Wattage = More Flow

Finding flow while coding is sometimes tricky to do – it’s even trickier when encountering ‘someone else’s code’. We’ve all had the experience of reading code and crying, “WAT?!”. Working with high ‘wattage’ code is not just unpleasant, it costs time and money. The more WATs a program contains, the scarier it is, and sadly,Continue reading “Day 2: Less Variable Wattage = More Flow”

Day 1: SparrowCI pipelines for everything

New year is a fun time when the whole family gets together by a table and eat holiday dinner. Let me introduce some fun and young member of a Raku family – a guy named SparrowCI – super flexible and fun to use CI service. To find SparrowCI lad – go to web siteContinue reading “Day 1: SparrowCI pipelines for everything”