Day 15: Junction transformers

Consider a junction of digits: say any 0..9; # OUTPUT: any(0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) This carries ‘any’ as a type of operation and 0..9 as a list of eigenstates internally. In a smartmatch context, this can match any object that can smartmatch against any of its digit eigenstates. WhileContinue reading “Day 15: Junction transformers”

Day 14: Trove – yet another TAP harness

Since the early Pheix versions, I have paid a lot of attention to testing system. Initially it was a set of unit tests – I tried to cover a huge range of units like classes, methods, subroutines and conditions. In some cases I have combined unit and functional testing within one .t file, like it’sContinue reading “Day 14: Trove – yet another TAP harness”

Day 13: Virtual Environments in Raku

Envious? If not, run zef install Envy and let’s start exploring virtual comp unit repositories. Hold the phone! What are we doing? We’re going to explore using a module allowing us to have virtual module environments in our very favorite raku. Why do we want this? Many reasons but a few would include: Sold? Continue on! GettingContinue reading “Day 13: Virtual Environments in Raku”

Day 10: SparrowCI pipelines cascades of fun

Remember the young guy in the previous SparrowCI story? We have not finished with him yet … Because New Year time is coming and brings us a lot of fun, or we can say cascades of fun … So, our awesome SparrowCI pipelines plumber guy is busy with sending the gift to his nephew: sparrow.yaml:Continue reading “Day 10: SparrowCI pipelines cascades of fun”

Day 9: Something old, something borrowed, something new, something stashed

Santa, having a little time off earlier this year, was looking at all of the modules that the Raku elves had made over the years, now over 2000 of them! But then he noticed something: not all of the modules appear to come from the same ecosystem? So what’s going on here, he asked one of theContinue reading “Day 9: Something old, something borrowed, something new, something stashed”

Day 8: I’ll Let You Know Later

Back when the web was young the only way that you could know whether a resource had changed its state was to manually re-request the page, this wasn’t really too much of a problem when there was only static pages which didn’t change all that often. Then along came server-side applications, the CGI and theContinue reading “Day 8: I’ll Let You Know Later”

Day 7: .hyper and Cro

or How (not) to pound your production server (and to bring on the wrath of the Ops) So, I’m a programmer and I work for a government TI “e-gov” department. My work here is mostly comprised of one-off data-integration tasks (like the one in this chronicle) and programming satellite utilities for our Citizen Relationship ManagementContinue reading “Day 7: .hyper and Cro”

Day 6: Immutable data structures and reduction in Raku

For a little compiler I’ve been writing, I felt increasingly the need for immutable data structures to ensure that nothing was passed by references between passes. I love Perl and Raku but I am a functional programmer at heart, so I prefer map and reduce over loops. It bothered me to run reductions on aContinue reading “Day 6: Immutable data structures and reduction in Raku”

Day 5: Malware and Raku

This article has been written by Paula de la Hoz, cybersecurity specialist and artist. While Raku regex and tokens are meant to work on data structures (such as parsing and validating file types), they can help us to better understand malware. Malware, as any other legit binary, have some signatures within. Some “file signatures” areContinue reading “Day 5: Malware and Raku”