Day 13: Virtual Environments in Raku

Envious? If not, run zef install Envy and let’s start exploring virtual comp unit repositories.

Hold the phone! What are we doing? We’re going to explore using a module allowing us to have virtual module environments in our very favorite raku.

Why do we want this? Many reasons but a few would include:

  • development & testing environments
  • isolating module repositories by project/environment/something else
  • using multiple versions of raku more safely

Sold? Continue on!

Getting Started

Installing the environment manager is easy enough with zef install Envy. Now for this tutorial we’re going to build an interprocess worker pool that doesn’t do anything but instead of installing everything globally, we’ll get it done with a custom module repository.

In parent.raku dump the following:

use Event::Emitter::Inter-Process;

my $event =;

my Proc::Async $child .= new(:w, 'raku', '-Ilib', 'child.raku');


$event.on('echo', -> $data {
  # got $data from child;
  say $data.decode;

sleep 1;

$event.emit('echo'.encode, 'hello'.encode);
$event.emit('echo'.encode, 'world'.encode);

sleep 5;

And then in child.raku:

use Event::Emitter::Inter-Process;

my $event =;

$event.on('echo', -> $data {
  "child echo: {$data.decode}".say;
  $event.emit('echo'.encode, $data);

sleep 3;

Okay, it’s just the sample code but the program is not the focus. On to installing Event::Emitter::Inter-Process to a virtual repo.

We need to create an environment and enable it before we can install our dependencies to it:

$ envy init tutorial
==> created tutorial
    to install to this repo with zef use:
      zef install --to='Envy#tutorial' <your modules>

$ envy enable tutorial
==> Enabled repositories: tutorial

$ zef install --to='Envy#tutorial' 'Event::Emitter::Inter-Process'
===> Searching for: Event::Emitter::Inter-Process
===> Searching for missing dependencies: Event::Emitter
===> Testing: Event::Emitter:ver<1.0.3>:auth<zef:tony-o>
===> Testing [OK] for Event::Emitter:ver<1.0.3>:auth<zef:tony-o>
===> Testing: Event::Emitter::Inter-Process:ver<1.0.1>:auth<zef:tony-o>
===> Testing [OK] for Event::Emitter::Inter-Process:ver<1.0.1>:auth<zef:tony-o>
===> Installing: Event::Emitter:ver<1.0.3>:auth<zef:tony-o>
===> Installing: Event::Emitter::Inter-Process:ver<1.0.1>:auth<zef:tony-o>

Now you should be able to just run your app:

$ raku parent.raku
child echo: hello
child echo: world

And then if you disable the environment:

$ envy disable tutorial
==> Disabled repositories: tutorial
$ raku parent.raku
===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /private/tmp/parent.raku
Could not find Event::Emitter::Inter-Process in:

at /private/tmp/parent.raku:1

Other Notes About Envy

Envy is in beta, there’s likely some things that don’t work quite right. PRs are most welcome and bugs are appropriately welcome. Both can be submitted here.

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