Day 16: Santa CL::AWS (part 2)

… in Part 1 of this winter drama, we left Mrs CL::AWS in a pickle. The story so far: the elves needed to rebuild their eChristmas website on AWS EC2 – Mrs CL::AWS had quickly whipped up a minimal raku script to use the AWS CLI with a basic procedural coding approach and shell executionContinue reading “Day 16: Santa CL::AWS (part 2)”

Day 18 – Santa and the Magic Tree (M-Tree)

It was Christmas Eve in the Workhouse and Santa was getting worried about how the weight of all those presents would reduce the height of his sled’s flighpath. Would he be able to clear the height of the tallest Christmas trees on his worldwide journey? He asked one of his helpers to whip up aContinue reading “Day 18 – Santa and the Magic Tree (M-Tree)”

Day 15: Rudolph on Raku

Finding a way home to the North pole with Physics::Navigation So, Rudolph has been worried about getting Santa and the other reindeer back home to the North Pole after an exhausting flight to visit all the (well-behaved) Children on the Globe. He has heard a rumour that the North Pole keeps moving due to theContinue reading “Day 15: Rudolph on Raku”

RFC 54, by Damian Conway: Operators: Polymorphic comparisons

This RFC was originally proposed on August 7th 2020 and frozen in six weeks. It described a frustration with comparison operations in Perl. The expression: “cat” == “dog” #True Perl (and now Raku) has excellent support for generic programming because of dynamic typing, generic data types and interface polymorphism. Just about the only place whereContinue reading “RFC 54, by Damian Conway: Operators: Polymorphic comparisons”