Day 1: SparrowCI pipelines for everything

New year is a fun time when the whole family gets together by a table and eat holiday dinner.

Let me introduce some fun and young member of a Raku family – a guy named SparrowCI – super flexible and fun to use CI service.

To find SparrowCI lad – go to web site and get a login using your GitHub credentials:


Pipelines of fun

SparrowCI provides you with some DSL to built a CI for your Raku modules.

For none devops people CI means “continuous integration” – a process allowing to test your code in some centralized service and share results with others.

Let’s create some new year gift module and then build it:

mkdir SparrowBird
cd SparrowBird
git init 
cat << HERE > META6.json
  "authors" : [
    "Alexey Melezhik"
  "description" : "Sparrow::Bird",
  "license" : "Artistic-2.0",
  "name" : "Sparrow Bird",
  "provides" : {
    "Sparrow::Bird" : "lib/Sparrow/Bird.rakumod"
  "version" : "0.0.1"

mkdir -p lib/Sparrow

cat << HERE > lib/Sparrow/Bird.rakumod
unit module Sparrow::Bird;

The SparrowCI guy is wrapping the gift into a new year paper:

cat << HERE > sparrow.yaml
    name: build-sparrow
    default: true
    language: Bash
    code: |
      set -e
      cd source/
      zef install .

And finally let’s commit everything (aka send to Santa):

git add .
git commit -a -m "my sparrow bird module initial commit"

git remote add origin
git branch -M main
git push -u origin main

Once the module in the GitHub land (aka Lapland), let’s register it in SparrowCI:

Go to “my repos”, then a repository you want to build – :

add repo

The Gift packaged

Now it’s time to see the very first new gift wrapped in a holiday paper, please allow SparrowCI a minute do his job, as he is being very busy wrapping up other holiday gifts.

Finally, we will see something like this:


That is it?

Well, this is a small new year story not pretending to be a boring technical stuff. But as the title says – SparrowCI pipelines for everything, not just for building Raku modules …

Thus, check out to see all fun SparrowCI features and happy holidays!

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