Welcome to the 14th edition of this Advent Calendar, which started at the old site, and continues in this new one. According to the Wikipedia, 14 years marks the ivory anniversary.

If you really want to nitpick, it’s the 13th anniversary since it started in 2009, making it the lace anniversary. I’ll go for that. Lace adds nice touches to fabric, and it semi-transparent, making it a go-to choice for occasions, and also, why not, for your daily life; lace doilies are used for dinner tables, or over furniture.

Same as Raku itself. Already in its teens, it’s a mature language, used in production in many companies, with a non-zero job market, making it great for daily use; but, at the same time, its powerful grammars and data-massaging capabilities (including parallel!) make it an excellent addition to otherwise common languages or applications.

The Raku language is still loyal to its principles. It’s more than semi-transparent, with a transparent Steering Council and community-driven features from the problem-solving repo.

We will have the chance to read about these topics (and then some) in this year’s Advent Calendar. Merry Christmas, and remember to -Ofun!

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