Day 6 – Following the Unix philosophy without getting left-pad

The Unix philosophy famously holds that you should write software that “does one thing, and does it well”. But following that advice too literally can lead to the micro-package dystopia that got us left-pad. But there is a way to write libraries that do only one thing without getting left-pad

Day 5 – Santa Claus is Rakuing Along

Santa’s operations were much improved year-over-year since his IT crew adopted Raku as their go-to programming language (see the articles from Raku Advent 2020). In addition, he and his non-techie elves found the language so easy for beginners to use, he decided to see if he could use it for managing the many task reports and other documents needed by individuals as well as managers.

Day 4 – Santa’s OCD Sorted

Santa has been around for a long time already. Santa remembers the days when bits where set by using a magnetic screwdriver! In those days, you’d made sure that things were orderly set up and sorted for quick access. Santa likes the Raku Programming Language a lot, because it just works like Santa thinks. There’sContinue reading “Day 4 – Santa’s OCD Sorted”

Day 2 – Rotation of Log files in a nutshell

Santa has a cloud-based application that helps him to deliver the gifts to the children. Once the gifts have been delivered Santa registers the delivery operation through the deliveries.log file. Just after the inspector elves review this log file comparing it with the list of children to ensure that all the children have received correctlyContinue reading “Day 2 – Rotation of Log files in a nutshell”

Day 1 – Batteries Included: Generating Thumbnails

It was a cold wintry night in the North Pole and Santa was in a mood. “Naughty. Naughty. Naughty. Ni..aughty” he grumbled, checking his list. Then checking it again. “Everything ok?” chipped cheerful Sparkleface the elf, bouncing into the room. “Isn’t it nice to have some cold weather for a change?” Santa scowled at SparklefaceContinue reading “Day 1 – Batteries Included: Generating Thumbnails”

It’s that time of the year… again

And we’re still around and kicking new advent posts with the best, the nicest and the merely possible in the Raku realm. Also the 13th year in a row for this calendar, and also 6th year since what was then called Perl 6 was released. Raku is now faster, it’s already in production in aContinue reading “It’s that time of the year… again”