Day 21: Raku and I: Journey begin …

It has been ages since I last blogged about Raku. The only time, I have blogged about when I took part in The Weekly Challenge. But then this also changed recently as I finally found time to contribute to the weekly fun challenges but no blogging still. I would say it is all about myContinue reading “Day 21: Raku and I: Journey begin …”

Day 23 – The Life of Raku Module Authoring

by Tony O’Dell Hello, world! This article is a lot about fez and how you can get started writing your first module and making it available to other users. Presuming you have rakudo and zef installed, install fez! Make sure that the last line is in your $PATH so the next set of commands all run smoothly. Now we can start writing the actualContinue reading “Day 23 – The Life of Raku Module Authoring”