Day 16: Raku powered jmp-ing to the coalface

Santa makes sure his elves can get to and from the workplace quickly. I wish it was the same for computer programming! Sometimes it takes a while to wade through a codebase to find where the real work needs to happen. jmp is a Raku powered command-line utility I use for searching and jumping aroundContinue reading “Day 16: Raku powered jmp-ing to the coalface”

Day 14 – Thinking Beyond Types: an Introduction to Rakudo’s MOP

It’s Christmas season! Christmas would not be Christmas without the caroling that’s part of the festivities, so let’s make it possible to sing some. We could simply make a carol one giant string, but that’s not good enough. Being a song, carols often have a chorus that’s repeated in between verses. If we were toContinue reading “Day 14 – Thinking Beyond Types: an Introduction to Rakudo’s MOP”

Day 10 – A Teaser

Santa has a special treat: a teaser if you will. A part of a chapter from the upcoming book “Migrating Perl to Raku”, to be published January 2020. Optimization Considerations If you are an experienced Perl programmer, you have (perhaps inadvertently) learned a few tricks to make execution of your Perl program faster. Some ofContinue reading “Day 10 – A Teaser”